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The Old Swimming Hole

The Old Swimming Hole

Digital Art

It was hot and dusty.
As far as his eyes could see was bright burning sun
and dry parched fields.
"Paw, is that the last of it?"
"Soon Son, soon."
He turned and grabbed another bale of hay
threw it on the trailer and reached for another.
"Paw, as soon as we are through I'm riding Blaze to the pond."
His father stopped and looked around at all the work his son
had done that day and all the days before.
Never once complaining about working while his friends
were all in town at the pool. How he woke up every morning
to help with the chores and worked along side him until dark.
"Son, I've been noticing that Blaze is looking a little dry.
Would you mind taking him to the pond while I finish up?"
He stood and watched with love in his eyes and
laughter in his heart,
as he heard his son laughing with glee as he rode away.

by Sharon Wallace

Copyright by Sharon Wallace 1998-2000

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